Paradise Hill Bison Company

Our Ranches

Paradise Hill, SK
Our breeding herd of about 100 mature females has been located on over 1400 acres of grassland near Paradise Hill, SK since 2005.

How We Raise Our Bison

Bison thrived in the harsh conditions of the prairies for thousands of years before they were nearly wiped out in the late 1800's. Our philosophy is to leave them alone and let them multiply and gain weight at their own pace, in a stress-free environment. Contented animals make healthy, tender meat. To be more specific:

  • We do not dehorn, castrate or brand.
  • We don't handle the animals more than once per year, until it is time to take one or two at a time to the processor.
  • We don't feed grain, or anything but grass and home-grown hay.
  • We don't select for temperament, weight gain, appearance, or other attributes that may harm the species over time.
  • We don't overload the land, so the bison have plenty of grass and water, even in a dryer year. 
  • We feed only hay that has been raised without herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
  • We maintain herd health by innoculating for common livestock diseases at weaning time. 
  • We provide free-choice bison mineral and diatomaceous earth for natural parasite control.
Barthel, SK
We raise all of our own hay on 640 acres at Barthel, SK - the "home place". No herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used. It costs more, but we want to know exactly what our bison are eating - so we can guarantee you natural, healthful meat.
Crossfield, AB

At about 9 months of age, selected young stock are moved to our ranch at Crossfield, where they are finished on pasture and hay. We use the same low-pressure philosophy and methods here, ensuring a healthy, natural product. Our bison will never be in a feedlot, and are never fed grain or other rations formulated for maximum weight gain. It takes longer to fatten a bison in this way, but you can count on a healthy unstressed bison that will produce superior lean and tender meat.

Paradise Hill Bison Company
P.O. Box 1822, Crossfield AB, T0M 0S0

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