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Paradise Hill Bison Company has been primarily a cow/calf operation since we acquired our first animals in 2003, grass-finishing a few animals every year for family and friends. Our goal from the outset has been to market naturally raised, grass-fed bison meat direct to the consumer. We are now moving towards that goal by marketing sides and quarters, and ground bison in bulk quantities.

Bison cuts are very similar to the corresponding cuts of beef.

You will find the meat to be very lean, without the thick white fat marbling found in commercial beef; consequently, it cooks faster with less shrinkage than comparable cuts of beef. We strongly recommend to cook roasts using a meat thermometer, and take it out of the oven with an internal temperature (in the thickest part of the meat) of no more than 140F. We provide a bison cookbook in pdf format to every customer.

Our sides of bison typically weigh in the 200 lbs to 250 lbs range "on the rail", that is, before cut & wrap. The amount of meat you will receive will depend on how you want it cut (steaks vs roasts vs burger, soup bones, etc), so we charge on a rail weight basis, the same way our butcher charges us to process the animal. You can expect a yield of about 75% of the hanging weight to go into your freezer. A mixed quarter weighing 100 to 125 lbs "rail weight" will put about 75 to 90 lbs into your freezer. We include a bag of soup bones with every quarter, if you want it. We also share the organ meats (heart, liver, tongue, kidneys) and oxtail as evenly as possible for our quarter customers. If there is something specific you want, just ask - we will try to accommodate.

Our bison meat is dry aged for approximately 10 days. In our experience, aging longer results in more waste and does not improve the tenderness of the product.

We also offer lean ground bison in 1 lb or 1 1/2 lb packages - the minimum order is 50 lbs. Check for availability.

Price List:
Side (Half Bison), Cut & Wrapped: $7.50/lb (hanging weight)
Mixed Quarter Bison, Cut & Wrapped: $8.50/lb (hanging weight)
Bison Burger (1 or 1.5 lb packages, minimum 50 lbs): $9.50/lb

Customers ordering a Mixed Quarter Bison will receive one fourth of a whole bison, including cuts from both the fore quarter and the hind quarter. The side is cut and wrapped to our standard instructions, and divided into two identical orders containing a nice selection of steaks, roasts, ground bison, stewing meat, stir fry strips and minute steaks. 

Customers ordering a Side (Half Bison) can have it processed to their own specifications, including having sausage and patties made to order.

Processed Products Available to Sides (Half-Bison) Customers:

                                                                        Additional Cost ($/lb)

Sliced Pastrami/Montreal Smoked                                 $3.00

Kabobs (1" Cubes)                                                       $1.50

Minute Steaks                                                              $1.50

Stir Fry                                                                        $1.50

Jerky (Regular, Pepper, Teriyaki)                                   $4.50

THE FOLLOWING COME IN 10 LB BATCHES (All are gluten-free, except Seasoned Patties):

                                                                        Additional Cost ($/lb)

4 oz or 6 oz Patties                                                            $1.40

4 oz or 6 oz Seasoned Patties                                             $1.50

Breakfast Sausage (Original or Maple)                                  $2.00

Bratwurst                                                                     $1.90

Frying Sausage – Italian Style                                       $1.90

Smokies                                                                      $2.80

Garlic Rings                                                                 $2.80

Hot Dogs                                                                     $2.80

Cheese Smokies                                                          $2.90

Jalapeno Cheese Smokies                                           $3.00

Pepper Salami                                                             $2.90

Pepperoni Sticks                                                          $2.95

Honey Garlic Sticks                                                      $2.95

All prices above include delivery in the Calgary to Red Deer corridor.

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