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We raise grass-fed bison naturally, with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our bison are professionally processed and marketed directly to health conscious consumers like you, that care about what they eat and how it was raised. Grass fed bison is the healthy red meat, with less fat, cholesterol and calories than beef, pork and even skinless chicken. It is flavorful, easy to prepare, and cooks in less time with less shrinkage than comparable cuts of beef. Bison tastes very similar to beef, with a slightly richer, sweeter flavor.

At present we are set up to sell only sides and quarters, cut and wrapped, fast frozen and delivered to you. We also sell lean ground bison in 1 lb or 1 1/2 lb packages, minimum purchase 50 lbs - call or email for availability.

Delivery of quarters, halves and ground bison (50 lbs minimum) is free in the Calgary to Edmonton corridor.


Bison meat is delicious and healthy - try some today!

Guaranteed 100% grass-fed, growth hormone and antibiotic free


Paradise Hill Bison Company
RR#4 Tofield AB T0B 4J0

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